Build the perfect growth
marketing machine.

Founded in 2014, Flatiron combines elite marketers, product managers and
data scientists into an award-winning growth agency for consumer tech.

Our Approach

Most agencies operate in a silo, fundamentally limiting their ability to shape the growth trajectory of your business.

Flatiron is different.

We work as an extension of your team, developing an end-to-end growth machine tailored to achieve your goals — whether that be successfully launching a new product, raising a large VC round, achieving profitability,
being acquired or going public.

Layer 1

Data Infrastructure

Sustained growth requires the right
measurement foundation.

We’ll help implement an integrated set of analytics and attribution systems, isolating the performance metrics that matter and operationalizing those metrics throughout every facet of the marketing decisioning process.

Layer 2

Value Decisioning

Allocate your budget on the basis of return on investment, not a flat cost per acquisition.

We develop predictive lifetime value models, allowing you to find better arbitrage in the ad auction by paying more for higher value users and less for lower value users.

Layer 3

Creative Engine

The battle for attention becomes more competitive by the day and standing out requires that advertisers regularly introduce novel creative concepts into the ad auction.

We institute a creative testing process that helps you maximize the frequency of creative breakthroughs and unlock new heights of performance.

Layer 4

Conversion Optimization

The ad click is only the beginning.

We analyze every step of the customer journey,
rapidly developing & testing hypotheses to drive
higher conversion rates.

Layer 5

Reporting & Insights

Ongoing optimization requires closing the loop between hypothesis generation and conclusion.

We deliver detailed reporting, highlighting key performance trends and the underlying drivers. Our reporting is designed to produce actionable conclusions which guide the next round of experimentation.


Growth Infrastructure

We’ll help you build the foundation
required to scale efficiently

  • Attribution Modeling
  • Event Instrumentation
  • LTV Forecasting
  • CPA Calibration
  • Experimentation Framework

Media Buying

We’ll develop and execute your paid
campaigns across all major ad channels

  • Campaign Architecture
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Creative Strategy & Execution
  • Landing Page & App Store Optimization
  • Onboarding & CRM Optimization


Our numbers don't lie.
We excel at accelerating.


Managed Ad Spend


Webby Award


Venture Capital




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